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Daydoc is an exclusive app to book doctor appointments and get healthcare in the home itself. It’s an interface that bridges the gap between doctors and patients, which helps to easily get connected. In addition to the normal appointment booking, in Daydoc the user can get exclusive medical features like pharmacy support, lab tests, and scanning reports, etc.

Problem Faced

Everyone knows that the doctor consultation in day to day life involves a long queue or long hours waiting. Direct visits by the doctors to a patient’s home is not a very new thing. It existed, but the process is not properly streamlined in any medium.


To create a one-stop destination of website and mobile app platform to connect patients to medical services like booking a doctor, pharmacy support, Lab test reports, etc. In this way, the patients can get instant treatment and medications based on their preferences in the comfort of their homes.


MacAppStudio has created the end to end platform called Daydoc. This app is available in pro and normal versions, where the pro can be used by doctors and the normal one for the user end. More than a visit by the doctor, all the input data related to a patient like symptoms, health condition, needed tests, blood checkup report, etc. can be uploaded in the patient’s profile. In this way, easy tracking of patient’s health is enabled, and it is much helpful for future medications. The user can get the doctor’s consultation and medicines at their doorstep. Easy payment mode helps to select the doctor based on the patient’s charge convenience. Further, if a lab test is required, the doctor will suggest the test center in the app itself, so that the center will notify the checkup date for the patient.

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Current Status

At present, Daydoc is operating in the Chennai area and it is scaling up to a huge user base connecting a lot of doctors with patients. Additional features of medication support and test reports in the app make it a wide and easily accessible network of medical support to the patients.

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