A simple yet effective app for food orders in hotel tables.

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It is a very normal thing for the customers to feel bad for sitting idle in the restaurant tables for the waiters. “Fascano”, as the name defines, fast+scan+order, customers just need to scan the QR code on their table, enter the hotel menu and just with a few taps they can order the food easily.

Problem Faced

As the restaurant visitors are increasing at a rapid pace nowadays, hotels are facing tough times in managing all of their table orders instantly. This makes the customer experience so bad. Most of the hotels are unable to increase the workmen number and it straightly affects the hotel serving quality.


A simple app with an easy user interface can solve the above-said problem for both the hotels and customers. For this objective, the idea of scanning the QR code on the hotel tables and ordering food in their digital menu is executed.


MacAppStudio created the cloud-based mobile app ‘Fascano’ for the food ordering in hotel tables. The user just needs to have the app in their mobiles, scan the QR code, browse the menu, place the order and finally the exit with online/offline payment. The app holds features like instant scanning, tracking the order, reviewing the food items and instant online payment options. On the other side, it also benefits the restaurant business management by exclusive features like digital menu dashboards, customer insights to improve their services.

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Current Status

Recently, fascano got the grand launch and the platform is getting a great reach among the users and restaurants. As the app is simple and free to use, many users prefer to have fascano in their mobiles to manage their frequent restaurant orders.

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