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With zeal and passion to taste the cinematography, Murali Gunasekaran, who is from Srirangam has decided to start a brand that provides an exquisite visual treat for the customers. That idea has grown up to a brand called “fotoclickers” in Chennai and got its birth in 2015. It’s India’s 1st technology-driven photography destination, with a team of great photography enthusiasts.

Problem Faced

Fotoclickers brand had a great start with its high-quality outputs. As the number of customers to the company had got a rapid upward jump, fotoclickers faced some difficulties to reach out to all the customer calls. They required some extra assistance to pick up all the customer queries and orders for the events.


Creating an online platform of website and app for the brand is a perfect solution for the above-said problem. A website and app showing fotoclickers portfolio can help a lot to show the outputs to all the visitors, and it also helps easily contact the company and have an instant discussion.


MacAppStudio designed and developed end to end cloud-based platform called “fotoclickers”. The app is created in a way with an engaging user interface that showcases the company’s portfolio, pricing and package details, extra features for the premium package, cloud storage facility for the customers and directs company contact to have an instant discussion. After the platform implementation to the business, fotoclickers not only solved the customer attending difficulty but also saw an increase in brand reach among the audience. Eventually, it helped to drive several numbers of projects.

Tools and Technology









Mobile Apps

Current Status

Fotoclickers is now functioning in Chennai, with trained professionals and on-demand scheduled services. With the aid of this platform, customers found it more comfortable to have a look at project outputs and convenient booking. The company’s structured minute pricing services and coupon offers made them stand out from the crowd and gained a lot of customers.

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