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Galapot is a very new platform in this online media with a fresh contemporary idea of celebrity booking for the events. Lokisha padmanand, who is based in Chennai is the brain behind this idea to execute the platform. It helps the users to easily approach and invite the celebrities for their events and other miscellaneous functions.

Problem Faced

Inviting the mid-range to top celebrities for an event or commercial opening has now turned out into a new trend. People find it very hard to approach a celebrity of their favourites in real-time. Because of this obstacle, there is a huge communication gap between the common people and celebrities.


To create an online end to end platform to connect the user and celebrities. This can help both the ends, as the celebrities can easily schedule an approach and users also don't need to travel a long or wait to reach the celebrity in real-time.


MacAppStudio gave a vision to this idea by executing the cloud-based end to end platform called “Galapot”. The platform is functioning in two ways, for the celebrity and the user end. From the user side, they can easily dive into the celebrity profile database and select their own choice based on their budget and event type. Celebrities can easily view the latest events posted just by scrolling up and reply to their invitations. If the celebrity accepts the invitation, the user is connected and after having a discussion about the charges, instant booking is done by online payment options.

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Current Status

As celebrity booking is on-trend, Galapot has gained a great space among the audience. Celebrities also find this way of online mode event booking as a healthy approach. Recently, the platform is launched and the user count is accruing at a rapid pace.

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