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Dr. Ruskin from Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu and his friends are the persons behind the idea of Medibasket. Medibasket is perfect assistance to all types of doctors, in which they can easily categorize and purchase all their pharmaceutical needs in a few taps on app.

Problem Faced

Because of the several middle layer agents in the pharmaceutical sector, doctors found it as not a smooth and quick process to buy the medicines in bulk quantities. Also, they faced a lot of difficulties and time delays in purchasing medicines, especially those that are related to some special medical divisions.


To establish an online cloud-based platform to connect the doctors and pharmaceutical dealers to get instant medicine needs. The platform should give easy categorization in all types of medicines and other medical equipment for the doctors to address


MacAppStudio designed and developed an end to end online platform called “Medibasket”. This serves as a one-stop destination to grab all the pharmacy needs for the doctors. The app is designed with an easy user interface showing the product categories, quick search options, location tracking, instant payment & billing, and delivery service at a maximum within 72 hours. Whether it is medicines, surgical equipment or other disposables, doctors are now instantly able to purchase all their profession requirements in the Medibasket.

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Current Status

At present, the app is functioning in the Tamilnadu region, and the users are accruing at a rapid pace. As the platform is directly connecting the doctors and top pharmaceutical dealers, many doctors are satisfied in purchasing the medications through this app, especially because of medicines and different types of equipment at low price ranges with high quality.

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