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Apple Pencil
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and EMR features

Prescription printing

Front office
admin management


Mediyoga is a new age app, which is an end to end platform exclusively made for the patients, doctors and hospital management. Simply this app transforms the old age hospital culture which involves paper records to a new digital medium.

Problem Faced

For medium and top class hospitals, patient management is a crucial thing. In the day to day busy appointments, both doctors and patients have to face the waiting nature or other miscellaneous time delays. In the hospital front office also, there is difficulty in maintaining all the patient records for easy availability.


To create an end to end online platform to connect the patients, doctors and the front office. Especially executing the apple pencil for digital prescription and instant printing process to quickly provide the records.


MacAppStudio developed the cloud based platform “Mediyoga”. The app functions on both the doctor and the patient side. Furthermore, all day to day appointment records is automatically stored in the platform to get insights for the front office management. Doctors just need to have mobile/tablets in their table to overview the patient’s profile or uploading the profile in case of a new patient. As the prescriptions are digital ones, both the patient and doctor can view the medicine prescription of any visit of their past dates. Front office app features are patient appointments, doctor’s availability, patient profile management, and instant payment collection. With a few clicks, doctors can easily take a print out of the prescription.

Tools and Technology









Mobile Apps

Current Status

In the present new age technological world, the execution of a digital medium to the conventional methods helps to fuel the day to day speed of work. As the Mediyoga helps in such a way to streamline the patient, doctors, and front office process, many people prefer to use this end to end platform in their hospital needs.

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