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NIR Roof care is a flat roofing company that is based in Huntley, Illinois since 1980. Timothy K.Lynn is an expert in the roof management services for around 40 years. To provide reliable services exclusively in the roof care sector, he founded the NIR roof care. The company provides valuable services with its top-notch material selection, types of equipment and expertise in this sector.

Problem Faced

As the company has its roots from the period of the 1980s, it is delivering its top quality services. But, the company’s presence was only in realtime, not on the internet. As the customers' number is scaling up rapidly, the company faced a lot of difficulties in managing roof care professionals and customer schedules. It also has a negative impact on analysis, management, and reports generating related to the services provided.


After realizing the necessity of digital presence NIR roof care decided to have a cloud-based platform. An exclusive website and a mobile app can help a lot to reach out to efficient customers to provide valuable services. It also makes the process very easy for the customers to schedule their appointments with the professionals and also to mention the type and area of roof care service they want.


To establish an end to end cloud-based service platform, MacAppStudio has developed the exclusive website and mobile app for the NIR roof care. The platform is designed in a way to provide a solution for both sections (company & customers). The Admin system is to manage the end to end operations, analytics, report generation, scheduling. The mobile app for the instant ordering of roof care services from NIR roof care.

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Current Status

In September 2017, the project was started and after finishing up, the app went live in November 2017. After the release, nearly for 2 years, MacAppStudio managed and took control of the platform. Later it was delivered to the NIR roof care internal technical team. Currently, with its smooth running, the platform has served 1 million+ square meter of roof care with 500+ roof care professionals.

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