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The current digital trend is filled with a myriad number of apps for realtime services and entertainment. Playrhymes special feature is its exclusiveness for kids. The app helps to have a healthy connection between parents and kids, and at the same time, it has its own kids’ oriented contents.

Problem Faced

The reach of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other apps among people is too high. Nowadays kids and younger generation people are easily getting access to some malicious content in these platforms. Also, there is no control among parents to put limitations on the contents watched by their children. This issue can negatively impact a lot in the kid’s studies and their attitude.


To create a cloud-based social media platform to overview the kids’ activities by their parents. By creating this platform, there should be no more hassles for the parents in monitoring their kids’ daily activities in watching online content and other entertainment stuff.


To achieve this whole new vision impeccably, MacAppStudio has created a cloud-based platform called “Playrhymes”. With the perfect user interface which is made on dual-mode, that is playrhymes for parents and playrhymes for kids, the app has created a new path kids social media. Playrhymes kids app holds fascinating features like AI-powered social network, cloud games, play bot, educational and interactive content, playmates to connect with friends, etc. On the other side, the new interface for parents has the family network, blog posting, diary, cloud storage, parental control to limit the kids’ contents, interactive chat window, and even location-based event service features also there.

Tools and Technology









Mobile Apps

Current Status

Playrhymes has carved out a new path of engaging social media experience that can benefit both parents and kids. Mainly because of this special and brand new AI-enabled idea, the app is gaining accolades and getting a great reach among the parents.

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