Speed Medical Institute was started by Dr.Vinayak Senthil in 2002 with 250 students. This has grown to become India’s # 1 NEET training institute with over 20 centers and have trained over 1 Lakh students all over the country. Speed has over 65 faculty members who are experts in their respective fields and a wealth of course material for all exams

Problem Faced

Speed did not have a digital platform to deliver the course contents. Primarily it was because of the apprehension that the course materials would be copied and misused. Since there was no digital platform Speed could not automate the learning experience and scale nation wide as they wanted to because opening physical centers all over India is not a scalable education delivery model.


To create an end to end app based digital content delivery and learning platform for Speed students enabling them to study anywhere, anytime and on any device. The students should be able to download the app, review the content for free, pay for any course and study the course and attend the exams.


MacAppStudio designed and developed an end to end learning platform for Speed Medical Institute called Speed Learning App. The full learning content was split into courses and further into modules like videos, books and tests and arranged according to the subjects for easy access. The patent pending tracking mechanism enables the user to see their progress in realtime and if they need to speed up to meet the exam deadlines. The app has facility to deliver Realtime Mock exams and provide All India Rankings in a few seconds based on the previous year rankings in addition to unit and subject wise tests. The students can access videos in 4 different qualities and 3 speeds based on their connection speed. The books and class notes are provided in PDF format. A very robust security framework was provided to ensure that no content can be copied, downloaded, screen recorded or cast to any other device.


  • Sketch

  • Java

  • Objective C

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JS

  • PHP

  • Amazon RDS

Current Status

The platform was launched in June 2015 and so far it has delivered over 100TB of course content to students all over India and the world who are preparing for Medical PG entrance exams in India. The Speed Learning app is a boon for doctors since they can study for the entrance exams while doing their regular work in their free time. This learning platform has automated course creation, student onboarding, fee payment, content delivery and mock exams to ensure that doctors pass the most tough entrance exams to advance their practice and has been a huge value addition to Speed Medical Institute who are planning to go completely digital by 2020.

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