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Spony’s main objective is to overcome the hard tasks involved in finding sponsors for the events. The easy to go user interface, enables the individuals to post freely about their events without any prior registration. By this way, based on their location, the individual will get notified, when a business owner is interested to sponsor the event.

Problem Faced

Whether it is any event like educational institution events or small business gatherings, to get a sponsor involves some complicated realtime work. There is no transparent layer between the business owners and the persons seeking for a sponsor, and so getting sponsors is not a quick task.


To enable a mobile app and website platform to connect the business owners and event organizers. Just in a few taps, users can get the right business owner/sponsor on their own choice to discuss about the event.


The core idea is to connect the business owners and event organizers with the help of a cloud based platform. MacAppStudio has successfully developed the end to end platform with seamless experience. From small event gatherings to huge meet-ups, this app bridges the gap to get easy connection requests via mobile itself. The platform is designed with additional features like location based suggestions, in-app chat, where sponsors and individuals can easily discuss about the deals and offers in the chat itself. MacAppStudio has created a brand new experience to benefit both the ends.

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Current Status

With its launch in 2019, spony is now scaling up to a large number of users. MacAppStudio’s platform has created a brand new zone to easily hunt the sponsors.

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