What we learn becomes a part of who we are.










Started in 2012, TALE was set up with the objective to provide affordable quality education to children from all walks of life and across geographical boundaries. As part of an educational revolution that seeks to infuse technology in learning and thereby, provide the latest and best pedagogy in language skills development. We have a passionate and enthusiastic team dedicated towards building a brighter future for the children. Main focus is on elevating the language competency of children therefore we are constantly upgrading ourselves, technologically and intellectually to deliver to the best of our abilities. By empowering them with the necessary skills for tomorrow and equipping them with the tools to face any challenge they might encounter in their future endeavours. Nurturing and moulding their raw innate talents and skills help them to discover their true potential and gives them the wings to soar ever higher. Our success and sense of accomplishment is derived when we see children confident and positive in their outlook. Our future vision as not mere stakeholders in the market but in the future of children.


The adaptive learning environment will be proficient, dedicated and patient teacher that focusses on the student on a one-to-one basis in most economical way. Each and every field is converting their works to latest updated technologies as of now. As to be the part of this MacAppStudio indulge with TaleMentor to grant the school students an effortless learning program by providing digital based question and answering test series for their better knowledge gaining through web based agile development process. It gives the combination of vocabulary, comprehensive, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills experience for the learning. They have an elaborate number of testimonials ranging from institutions, teachers, parents and even kids.





MacAppStudio provides technology driven approach to TaleMentor for accessing the learning experiences that are personalised to a children interests and needs. As the name suggests, the course is adapted for every student based on their Learning ability, IQ, attention span and a host of other parameters. Courses will be assigned to students as per the schools request and the reports will be provided for the overall students. TALE uses grammar and vocabulary as building blocks for skill-centered language learning. Our platform guides learners to meet the true goals of english language learning.