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The online platform idea of ‘Yuva’ was projected by Aishwarya Kalpathi, based in Chennai. Her vision to improve the transparency between the common people and authorities is the spark that initiated to start the ‘Yuva’ platform. Yuva is a perfect blend of social media like platform and database to give a positive impact and to foster governance.

Problem Faced

In the current fast-paced society, it is very hard for the government authorities to address the raising day to day issues. Effective interaction among the people and authority can be able to bring out a huge change. Furthermore, common people have a lack of knowledge about the participants in their constituencies. Because of this lack of information among the people, elections are always not having a positive outcome.


To create a common online platform for the people participation in addressing the daily social issues. Also to include a database of candidates, that can help people to be aware about their participants in concerned locations.


To envision this substantial idea to reality, MacAppStudio has created the cloud-based platform “Yuva”. Any common man/woman with a mobile can simply participate in Yuva and they can easily start a campaign for a change in society. After the campaign gets a minimum threshold level of support from the people, it is automatically addressed to the respective authority. The platform is designed in a way to directly address the authority for that location via mail. Based on solving these campaigns on the platform, the constituencies got respective ranks on the site. In addition to this feature, a database of all the participants in the elections, and parties are readily available. The user just needs to enter their constituency details and can check their respected candidates in their location.

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Current Status

The website and app were launched in 2019, and especially during the period of election, Yuva got a huge recognition among the people. At present, the app is functioning in the Tamilnadu region and many users are posting their day to day life issue pictures in their locations, related to society and are having a healthy discussion. Yuva is absolutely a new path of the limelight to bring a positive impact in the country.

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